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Clear Aligners Bring Clear Advantages to Every Patient

Braces straighten crooked, misaligned teeth and help correct several other dental problems that affect the appearance of the teeth and mouth and sometimes its health, too. Thousands of people use braces for corrective measures, though teens make up the largest percentage of these users. Whether you need braces or your teen, clear aligners braces lakewood can be a great help.

Many patients who need braces choose clear aligners. The reasons for choosing clear aligners are pretty obvious but likely exceed what you can imagine. The biggest advantage is that the braces cannot be seen by other people, which reduces the risks of embarrassment. No one wants to be made fun of or picked on because they are wearing braces they need, but other kids can be mean and cruel to one another. This type of braces reduces that risk.

Clear aligners work faster than other types of braces. The average patient will use braces for two years to clear up their oral health issues. However, clear aligners work much faster. The average patient uses clear aligners for a period of about 18 months. That’s almost a full year faster treatment. They’re also more sanitary since it’s easy to remove them when eating, to care for your natural teeth, etc. No more worry that your teeth will decay as the result of braces on them!

clear aligners braces lakewood

Clear aligners are closer than other braces types, as you probably expected. But most patients agree that the money that you spend for braces is well spent because they provide so many benefits while working to improve your teeth and oral health appearance. Talk to your dentist to learn more about clear aligners and the many great ways they’ll improve your smile and your confidence, too.